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Travel Scenes " Tabi-no fukei "

Vol.1 Sanin Region (central Matsue City)


This is the first DVD video-recording to feature the unique and refined historic relics, local culinary flavors, and culture that can be found only in Matsue where an Edo Period ambience still persists.
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This product (main video about 100 min) allows you to display subtitles (general info, not narration) by the remote control of the DVD player, but this sample short version (about 1 min) of this video does not display it. 320×240 pixel.

Retail price:not available in US for sale (this DVD's region code is "2" and not compatible for US region code "1")

Attached:booklet included as seen below


同梱ブックレット    しまね観光ナビ バナー(introduced on web-site of government of Shimane Prefecture Nov.2004: Japanese fonts are required on your PC for this to display properly)

About the DVD

An introduction to the Japanese city of Matsue, which has thrived as a castle town since antiquity and is a site of international cultural tourism known as the "little Kyoto" of the "Sanin Region.” It is also well known as a town loved by many artists and intellectuals starting with Lafcadio Hearn, author of tales such as 'The story of Mimi-nashi Hoichi' and 'Yuki-Onna'.

With the cooperation of sites featured on the disc we were able to capture rare scenes accompanied by detailed commentary making this an impressive wealth of information for the viewer. In fact, even those who have already visited Matsue will be sure to find something new by watching this disc!
It is of course recommended for anyone who would like to broaden their knowledge of the culture and history of Matsue, such as travelers planning to visit the region or those involved in the study of related subjects. It is also recommended for anyone who would like to relax their body and soul watching the lyrical and serene scenes of Matsue accompanied by a pleasant soundtrack and calm narration.

Since it is in digital format it is not necessary to worry about the degradation of data. The DVD features which allows you to select subtitle information rapidly and to select chapters for viewing. Its perfect as a souvenir to bring back memories of a trip to the area or as an aid in planning a future trip there as well.


100 mins., color, Japanese language only (Dolby Stereo), Japanese subtitles (as supplementary information), Region 2 (only for use in Japan)
Getting to Matsue, Sunset over Lake Shinji, Historic Kouunkaku Folk museum, Matsue Castle, Matsue Oohashi Bridge, March of Warriors and Taiko-Drummers festival parade, Gessho-ji Temple, Meimei-an Teahouse, Samurai Residence, Local flavors (Izumo soba buckwheat noodles) . . .Yakumo-an Restaurant, Lafecadio Hearn Memorial Museum, Residence of Lafecadio Hearn, Local flavors (Botebote-cha tea) . . . ("Hearn's Little Path" Cafe), Fumon-in Temple and Kangetsu-an Teahouse, Karakoro Art Studio, Local flavors (7 Delicacies of Lake Shinji) . . .Minami-kan Inn, Excursion Cruise around the Moat, Tea culture (Matcha powdered green tea) . . . Nakamura Teashop, Shimane Prefectural Museum of Art, Sightseeing on Lake Shinji in the cruise boat 'Hakucho'

With the click of a button on your DVD player's remote,you can display subtitles with information such as hours of operation for the locations listed above. (Some categories may not contain supplementary information.)