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Full service for video production

We provide video streams according to your specific requests (below are some examples).
If you have any specific questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Need easy operation manual for the product of complecate structure
  • Need effective promotion of products or service through Web
  • Need enhancement of training for new employee or company education

  • training
  • Need solution to support to communicate with elderly person,visual impair,hearing impair,children and foreigner

  • help hearing impair  help visual impair  児童にわかりやすく  外国人にわかりやすく
  • Shoot video of your family or yourself as a keepsake.

  • precious day   video shoot
  • want to send video letter to relative,friends in distant.
    want to broadcast video/Audio through website.

  • video letter
  • Make a one-of-a-kind wonderful DVD adding BGM and effects to footage of video of precious memorial day for families or friends.

  • precious memory
  • Make your old cassette tapes, vinyl records, and VHS videotapes readily accessible by transferring them to CD or DVD.

  • convert to digital
  • Take just the scenes you like from your home-video collection and edit them into a nice DVD, even with menus like you would find on a regular movie release.


1.Planning and production for audio/video projects utilizing new or existing
recordings supplied by the customer and original DVD sales (Video sample)
・Compose materia(Sound-recording/Illustration/CG/Original BGM/Animation)
・Editing(BGM/Special effects/Composition video/Video correction/Subtitle or telop insertion)
・Output(DVD/Web streaming/DV tape,etc)

※ We can provide special subtitle featuring various expression such as rotation, movement and supporting multi-languages.

2.Video production support (location-hunting assistance,etc.)
Making use of our position as a U.S.-based company, Cape Road is happy to provide assistance with location-hunting and other video-shooting arrangements?

3.Data format conversion service
★We reccomend converting your precious analog video or audio data into digital format as soon as possible before the quality of the data diminishes!
★We also recommend recording in disc media like DVD versus tape media!
・Analog data(music cassette tapes/vinyl records/VHS videotapes/8mm video tape/paper document)→ Digital data
Ex):music cassette tapes・VHS・8mm video・vinyl records → CD-R・miniDVD・DVD・DV tape

・Digital data Conversion(CD/DVD/DV tape/PC data/digital photo/SD/other media)

You may of course feel free to choose any one of these services or a combination of them. When recording on DVD-Video, about 70 minutes of video is the standard. It is possible to fit up to about 100 minutes, but this can result in the loss of some image quality.

4.Web site production (New/Renewal) (CMS Web-site sample)

CMS(Membership/Bulletin board/Reservation/Questionnaire/Schedule/Blog/Video streaming/Handout/Map/Multi language support/FAQ/Shopping cart/Access records/etc)

multi-function web-site

・We also offer support for the setting up and trouble shooting of personal computers.
・General support for start up business(Network setup/Marketing/Consulting for introduction and operation of various software and hardware/Prepare sales materials, etc)
Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you are experiencing any of these difficulties.
Purpose Diverse correspond
・Personal Video-Production (A personal history on video, presentations for conferences, clubs, wedding ceremonies & receptions, school events, video-diaries of children growing up, records of ceremonies, receptions, or personal travelogs, etc)
・Corporate video-production projects(PR videos for companies or products, Instructional guides, videos for distribution within the company, corporate employee-training video manuals, etc)
・Video-Production Projects for Events(for seminars, conventions, exhibitions,campaign distribution, overseas promotions, presentation tools, etc)
・Other(music promotion, travel guides, archival material for public offices and associations, supplements for books & magazines, etc)

Although we take great measures when working with your valuable data, we recommend you to keep a master copy. We can not take any responsibility in case of damage or loss of master data.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Such as material that may cause any issues such as copyright inringement, adult content or illegal documents.

If you have any specific questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us (CorporationIndividual). Pricing vary depending on your specific needs and difficulties for your projects.